We design websites with your buyer in mind. A website is not just a map of pages you want and where they go on a menu. You want to take your web visitors on a journey so they can find what they need to find and what you want them to see. You want them to be able to quickly read your content and understand it.

What's Involved in a Web Design Project?


After an initial discovery call, we compile a proposal that covers your wish list and priorities along with our recommendations which includes a break-out of your investment, your timeline and our process. 

Develop the Foundation

We'll begin to develop the bones of the site while you pull together all the content on your list. We wait to finish the rest of the site until we have all your content. Oftentimes, clients ask us to manage the web copy and images for them while they simply provide the outlines or topics. It's up to you but either way, we will provide a content planner to help you stay on track.


Once we have the initial build and first design draft, we send it to you for your first round of revisions. After additional edits and another round of revisions, we ask for your approval before we launch your site!

Go Live

Once we're live, we continue to test your site to make sure everything is working as-planned. All our websites are covered for 30 days under our Gold Site Care plan. We encourage our WordPress clients to continue on that plan for optimal coverage and maintenance (including unlimited support requests and unlimited malware cleaning). 

10 Must-Haves for Your Website

Design your website with your buyer in mind. A website is not simply a map of pages and a quick menu. Take your web visitors on a journey so they can find what they need as well as what you want them to see. In addition to your site visitors, you want to make sure a search engine can find what you want it to find. Here are 10 things to keep in mind when you’re designing (or re-designing) your website.

When we're designing your site, our 10 main priorities for a good site are:
  1. ResponsivenessMore than half of search queries in the US now come from mobile devices. We'll make sure your site is responsive (and loads quickly), so you’re not losing potential customers.
  2. SecurityYour site is built for security with a reputable malware scanner included. We can recommend host companies that offer strong security.
  3. Connected Services - Tools for lead capture and processes in place for a smooth workflow for your sales team that doesn't bog down your system (or your team).
  4. Conversions - Your website has a job. It should be the hardest-working team member on your sales team. There will be a place for everything and everything is in its place. It should be built to drive leads; we'll add clear calls to action (CTAs) on each page so visitors should know what they're supposed do.
  5. User Experience (UX) - We'll create an easy, logical structure with simple menus so your visitors can find things quickly. We'll use stylish, licensed imagery that matches your brand and content across all your pages. And we'll test and retest all your links, forms, landing pages and thank you pages to make sure they work correctly.
  6. Speed - Clean code results in a fast, well-oiled machine. We don't over-pack your site with theme features you'll never use and we stay away from the gadgets-of-the-week that typically only end up inceasing your budget and maintenance costs.
  7. Analytics - Your site will be connected to Google Analytics so we'll know who visits your site, how long they stay and which pages they visit. Plus, we'll be able to determine which visitors come from social media channels, your emails or from Google searches. 
  8. SEO - We follow on-page SEO best practices so Google loves you and you see more web traffic. We'll manage your site’s SEO and all the important things that go along with it.
  9. Brand - Your colors and layout will match your brand while still appealing to your visitors. We only use up-to-date, licensed imagery across all your pages.
  10. Great Content - We can help you engage with your customer using the right content and the right voice with copy and content that resonates with your visitors. Your content should be compelling with a fresh and relevant design; we can help you deliver that.


Download our "10 Must-Haves for Your Website" Infographic here (no opt-in required).

Which Platform for Your Website?

There are plenty of options when it comes to picking a content management system (CMS), but the platform we recommend (and offer) is WordPress.  This is one of the most popular platforms for websites. It’s highly customizable and can integrate with just about any other tool you’re using. This is generally a more cost-effective route for a website.

We’re happy to discuss the pros and cons of the different CMS platforms and which would be best for your business. We would only recommend what we think would work best for your business and goals. We’re a small business too and always look to save our fellow small businesses money and time where we can.